About Us

    We are a small rabbitry in Centennial, Colorado. Our family began our rabbit-raising journey in 2016. We have raised several breeds of rabbits over the years, but we settled on Holland Lops because of their incredible personalities. We are a registered rabbit breeder under the ARBA and choose only to breed pedigreed rabbits. Many of our adult rabbits have been bought from top breeders across the United States, and we are very selective with the pairings we choose. Most rabbitries breed for type (which means the look & build of the rabbit). While we breed for this too, our top priority is personality.
    When choosing which bunnies to breed, we look closely at their temperament and personality. We’ve found that the parent’s traits have a big impact on the traits the babies develop, so we are very selective in choosing the most outgoing & friendly rabbits we can. Our babies are well-socialized to ensure they’ll make wonderful additions to your family. We handle them from birth and give them the utmost care. They've been socialized with both kids and adults.
    The health of our rabbits is another goal of ours. All of our adult rabbits have been vaccinated against RHDV. Instead of using the small 24x24 breeder cages that most Holland Lop breeders use, we provide our bunnies with large cages & plenty of exercise in toy-filled playpens. The health and happiness of our bunnies is something we strive for since our adult rabbits are first and foremost our pets.

Holland Lop Rabbit
Aurora colorado Baby with a Holland Lop rabbit