Brown Holland Lop rabbit on kid's lap Black and white Holland Lop rabbit Light-brown Holland Lop rabbit Black and white spotted Holland Lop

Our Conditions

  Our rabbitry will under no condition ship out our bunnies. If a rabbit is not ready to leave, a deposit must be placed to reserve the bunny. Deposits are non-refundable! Before inquiring about available rabbits or adopting, it is required that you read through our Rabbit Care Guide to ensure you feel ready to properly care for a rabbit and have read through and agree to Our Conditions. Before adopting a bunny from us or sending a deposit to reserve a bunny, an adoption contract must be signed and returned to us via our contact form, text, or by email.

Baby Holland Lop rabbit sleeping in hands Baby white Holland Lop rabbit with grey ears Brown baby Holland Lop rabbit Spotted brown and white holland lop being held