Toys, Chewing, and Mental Stimulation

  Providing your bunny with toys and stimulation is vital for your rabbit's health and happiness. Rabbits are very intelligent animals, and if they are not provided with things to stimulate and entertain them, your rabbit may suffer from depression, aggressiveness, and destructive behaviors. Toys and activities not only help your bunny's mental health, but their physical health, too. A bunny's teeth never stop growing, making it necessary for them to have toys to chew on in order to keep their teeth at a healthy length. Toys will also help keep your bunny active, to help keep them from becoming obese or suffering from internal issues. In this article, we will discuss some of the best toys and activities to keep your bunny happy and healthy.

wooden bunny toy for mental stimulation

Chew Toys:

  Chew toys are necessary for keeping your bunny's teeth at a proper length. Around here, chew toys are always a favorite! There are tons of options on the market, but there's a few qualities you want to look for in a good chew toy: 1. Look for wood. Toys made out of wood are the best for your bunny. Bunny toys on the market are generally made out of chew safe wood, but if you're creating a diy, just make sure the wood is bunny-safe. Always look up the type of wood you are wanting to use if doing a diy, as some wood types are toxic 2. NO PLASTIC! When bunnies chew, they do ingest pieces of what they are chewing. Plastic is toxic for bunnies, and so toys made of plastic may hurt your bunny's digestive system. 3. Stay clear of glue. Some bunny toys are held together with glue, which is something you want to avoid as much as possible. You can keep things as complex or simple as you'd like! There are tons of amazing chew toys out there that bunnies will love, but your bunny will also enjoy a slab or piece of wood securely attached to the cage or other surface.

Un-died wooden chew toy Rabbit using chew toy

Stimulating Toys:

  Giving your bunny mentally challenging toys will help keep him busy when you're not with him. There's lots of variety when it comes to challenging toys. Toy stations are always popular, giving your bunny lots of options of activities to do. Our bunnies love the play stations from the brand Oxbow, and are always entertained when given one to play with! Foraging mats or balls are also a great option. These make your bunny work for their pellets or treats, and are fun for the bunny to try to figure out. Puzzles made for bunnies are also a wonderful option, and your bunny will love trying to figure out how to get to their favorite treat.

Large wooden chew toy with hanging strings A few examples of chew toys

DIY Toys:

  There are lots of toys that you can make for your bunny yourself! One staple of many bunny owners is toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. These can be filled with hay or shreds of printer paper (with no ink on it), or simply given to your bunny plain. Cardboard boxes are also a favorite, just make sure there's no tape or ink on it! Pinecones are also a great option, as long as they are pesticide free and cleaned.

Rabbit chew toys made of cardboard Rabbit using home-made chew toys

Our Favorites:

  We have a few toys that are staples around here! The first is Oxbow toys. We are always impressed with their quality products! We always give our expectant parent bunnies an Oxbow toy or two as a congratulation. Bunny treat balls are also a favorite. They are made of plastic, but due to the shape we've never had any issues with chewing. These keep our bunnies entertained for hours! Lastly, our family has begun creating homemade rabbit toys which we've begun to sell off of Etsy! If your looking for a healthy and fun toy for your bunny, go check out the products in our shop!

Holland Lop baby playing with toy balls Bunny toys made of hay, string, and large wooden beads